the Event Database

Note: the event database is public to make it possible to promote international tango events for experienced dancers. But not all details are available without registering on the site first.
Register here or login if you are already registered.

Intention of the Event Database

For Organizers: This page started out as a list of marathons, but since there are so many events that target experienced dancers internationally, but are not per se marathons, the database was opened for other events, too, especially encuentros and milonga weekends.
There is also a facebook page associated with this database, and each entry is published to the followers on facebook (more than 3800!).

For Dancers: Here’s a one stop overview of all interesting events. We have a calendar (which you can subscribe to), basic details about the events, a map, and some more details if you register, like DJs (and a huge DJ database)


Any event that targets the more advanced international dancer crowd: marathons, encuentros, milonga weekends and festivals  have a place in this database.


  1. Can I add my event to the database?
    Yes – you need a user account at TMD, and then you can just add a new event
  2. My event profile has already been added, but not by me. How can I edit it?
    Please create an account, and let us know that you want ownership of “your” event page.
  3. Can I add events that are not there yet?
    Yes. Create an account and just add them.
  4. Why are not all details accessible for everyone?
    TMD is very well indexed by google, and since not everyone wants their name to be visible on pages they don’t have control over, we decided to hide behind a “you must login” feature. This especially applies to all DJ related details on TMD.

Global listing and calendar of tango events for advanced dancers: marathons, encuentros, festivals