Living the dream – travel the world and dance tango.

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Living the dream – travel the world and dance tango.

Of course sometimes you need some distraction in your life. Tango dancing is nice, but you can’t do that all the time, and wherever you are.

If you have an internet connection, you could try online games. Maybe bingo is of your liking? It’s popular in many circles, why not try it? Cheekybingo is a good address, and you can win REAL money, too!

And then, once you are rich, travel the world and enjoy all the tango marathons. Every weekend, somewhere else in Europe, or even the world! Here’s a list of the upcoming marathons: Event List.

Imagine you could do every tango marathon there is: one weekend in Madrid, the next one in St. Petersburg, then Hamburg, Rome, Paris, Ludwigshafen, Zurich – and there is more. Yes, it would be an amazing time of your life. Did you know that there is this one guy who quit his job, sold his house and is now travelling the world dancing tango wherever he goes?

Now for some other people that would actually not be worth it. They would rather go to Buenos Aires and just stay there forever. Forever in the world between milongas and more milongas and more milongas. The life of the creatures of the night. Lost in bliss, and also between tango high and tango frustration. Would this be your dream?

How much money do you need for this dream to come true? In Argentina cost of living is still not as high, so not that much. So, if you winn 50000 USD you could probably do two or three years in Bs.As. Doing weekly marathons will come at a higher price, since you’d need to travel more, and of course Europe is much more expensive for all of that. I’d guess if you count a weekend with 250 EUR, you’d still be able to do two years of marathon-marathons next to your “normal” life with your job paying for monday to friday.

How would you do it?

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