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Note: the complete DJ database is protected and can only be accessed with a user account on TMD. Get it here or login if you already have one!

Intention of the DJ database

For Organizers: Do you know all DJs who could be available at your events? This database is meant to bring you closer to finding new DJs, get inspired and explore something new.

For Dancers: TMD has many events – not just tango marathons, but also festivals and encuentros, even though it’s probably much more complete in the marathons than anything else. In order to encourage tagging DJs to events, just to make it easier for people to follow who is DJing where, and also to give DJs a chance to promote their work in a central repository, this database was created to bring the two together.


Any DJ who travels longer distances for milongas, and who plays for the more advanced dancer crowd at marathons, encuentros and festivals should have a place in this database.


  1. Can I add my profile to the database?
    Yes – you need a user account at TMD, and then you can just add a new DJ profile.
  2. My DJ profile has already been added, but not by me. How can I edit it?
    Please create an account, and let me know that you want ownership of “your” DJ page.
  3. Can I add DJs who are not there yet?
    Yes. Create an account and just add them.
  4. Why is the listing not accessible for everyone?
    TMD is very well indexed by google, and since not everyone wants their name to be visible on pages they don’t have control over, we decided to hide behind a “you must login” feature. This might apply to more details on TMD, like events, in the future!