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A tango festival has big night milongas with shows and often live music in fancy locations. During the day there are mostly workshops – but sometimes also tango cafes for dancing. A festival is usually longer than a weekend, and many “big star teachers” are present/working there. A much more comprehensive list is probably found on http://www.tangofestivals.net/

IV. Sultans Tango Marathon and Festival

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IV. SULTANS TANGO MARATHON - FESTIVAL For the 4.rd time, we will have Sultanic Moments, in magnifiecient Istanbul with hundreds of Tango lovers coming from all over the word. This beautiful gathering will take place in the magical time just after Christmas and during New Years Eve. Why don’t we put the differences aside and enjoy [...]

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Intango Weekend Summer Tango Festival/Marathon

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Welcome to Intango Weekend, an international and exclusive Tango Summer Festival/Marathon in the beautiful and romantic city of Heidelberg, Germany, in the heart of Europe. Have you ever travelled to festivals or marathons and only got a short glimpse of the city where the event was hosted? Intango Weekend will offer you both: Dance tango all [...]

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Istanbul Express 2017

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YO AMO TANGO, for all the lovers of the Tango, of his philosophy, way of life, way of feeling things and of loving. This meeting will take place in a beautiful complex placed inside of natural environment, surrounded by a lake and with a wonderful landscape. Enjoy of an unforgettable weekend, with 6 Milongas, 30 hours of [...]

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International Argentine Tango Festival 8 - 12 March 2017 in Saint-Petersburg: Colorful paint festival in the most beautiful city of Russia. Tango artists and teachers: Fabian Peralta (World Shampion) & Josefina Bermudez Avila (Argentina) - tango salon Gaston Torelli & Mariana Dragone (Argentina) - tango nuevo Hugo Mastrolorenzo & Agustina Vignau (Argentina) World Shampions - tango show [...]

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Pully Tango Fe2tival

By | 2017-06-06T11:42:41+00:00 April 2nd, 2017|

A welcoming and beautiful festival in Pully (Switzerland) by the Geneva lake. 4 days to enjoy the warmth of embraces from all over Europe. 4 Milongas with amazing DJs. 2 Orchestras on Saturday and Sunday night 2 Couples of amazing dancers who will teach and perform for us: Maria Filali and Gianpiero Galdi Bruno Tombari and Rocio [...]

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