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When07/07/2013 - 13/07/2013
Where Austerlitz, Netherlands

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The coolest tango retreat in the summer, 7 – 13 July 2013
The hottest Tango retreat in the winter, 27 Dec. 2013 – 1 Jan. 2014
Austerlitz, near Utrecht (NL)

Join about 160-180 dancers from all over Europe and beyond in a week of dancing, workshops, social games, nature, surprises, music seminars, singing circle, yoga and more bodywork. Start the camp (optional) with an Intensive Master Weekend with Rodrigo Palacios & Agustina Berenstein (ARG).

The Taboe Tango camps are different than all other tango events, because:everybody stays the full week so you get to know everybody;
we put a lot of emphasis on how we are together;
we use a lot of play and beauty to create a special open and intense atmosphere;
the program is extensive and all inclusive so everybody is participating to the max.

A quote by a participant three years after his first camp:
I remember my first Taboe camp! I am typically English with the well-known reserve. Well I was! But I went through the normal process of doubt, “was this for me”? I remember vividly my decision was made by my thinking “Do this or not, If you do what you’ve always done you get what you always got”! So I jumped in with both feet.
It changed my life, I’m not kidding it really did. My approach to life and dance was radically changed and the friends I made are still my friends and they are spread all over the world and I know that if I turn up in a strange city in most of the world I’ll know someone!”


  • day time and evening milongas
  • 2 tango workshops per person daily (minimum)
  • amateur dancer-musicians seminar with concert on the last night
  • morning bodywork sessions (eg. yoga, pilatus, tai chi, tae bo)
  • singing circle for everybody to join
  • gatherings and sharing groups, milonga Kick Offs & other exotic tango ‘snacks’
  • dancing in a lake
  • a huge forest around
  • private lessons (optional)
  • shiatsu/massage session (optional)

Tango teachers
Rodrigo Palacios & Agustina Berenstein (Ar), Korey & Adeline Ireland (Ar/De), Ismael Ludman (Ar), Ezequiel Sanucci & Lydia Muller (Ar/De), Daniela Feilcke-Wolff (De), Paras Sághi & Paul Vossen (Hu/Nl)

Non-tango teachers
Martijn Nanninga & Antje Herber – singing, Daniëlle van Grieken – yoga, Cristina Sales – tai chi, Hans Boekel – tango theatre, Sacha Roberts – siatshu, Clemens Santüns – deep tissue massage

Price incl. all program: from € 375,-

More info www.tangoatelier.nl

Booking open 1 April 10:00
If you book as a single, you come to a waiting list until we can balance the number of leaders and followers.