8th Tango Bali Festival


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When29/05/2013 - 02/06/2013
Where Seminyak, Indonesia

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      8TH TANGO BALI FESTIVAL information

Tango Bali proudly presents The Cast in the Year o the Water Snake!
8 Tango stars from Buenos Aires will grace this year’s Tango Bali Festival

Expect a lot of fireworks as we unleash the stars of Tango Bali Festival 2013.

The Cast:


The Eternal Tango Diva, MIlena Plebs needs no introduction. Her name is synonymous to Tango , whereas, David Palo is a rising star with
equal abilities to match that of Milena’s. Both Milena & David were last year’s featured artists for TANGOXPOSED. They have been travelling to Asia
in the last two years working in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and more recently in Singapore, Manila, Davao, Bali and Kuala Lumpur.

It is with great pleasure to have this wonderful duo back to share their immense talent with our regional community.

Milena is the creator of Tramatango where both she and David are the main stars of this great Tango spectacle.


Adorable is what describes Noelia & Pablo.

Their partnership dates back to the time when they were still young lovers. Now married with twins, they have since metamorphosed into very fine and dedicated Tango artists. Their love and commitment for each other and their family, is the same as their commitment to Tango.

They are excellent ambassadors of this world heritage.

Noelia & Pablo are the creators of Tangofilos.


Their partnership is considered the youngest in the group but Tamara & Federico have displayed immense prowess and ability both in teaching and performing when they debuted during last year’s TANGOBLITZ. They have managed to show what hard-work and dedication can do to survive in this highly competitive world of Argentine Tango.

Their innate talent and discipline brought them to many places in their very young partnership.

Tamara Bisceglia, the region’s Divine Tango Diva, is the creator of Obsession Tango while Federico Paleo is its’ artistic director.They are also the main stars of this Tango Opus.


They sprang out from obscurity only to take the region by storm.

Analia & Luis are superb performers & teachers who gained recognition when they were launched as one of the invited teachers for the 1st Shanghai Tango Festival. **Since then, there was no stopping this incredible duo who have captured the audience with their breath-taking and death-defying performances.

They are indeed Masters of the Stage and are considered one of the best in,this generation.

They are the creator/producer of Conjuro Tango which have been staged in key cities of China & Japan.


Festival Rates a la carte:

Workshops                                                                  35 US$

Beginner workshops                                                    20 US$ 

Private Lessons available on request         120 US$ single 150 US$ couple teacher

 Welcome Milonga                                                    60 US$    

Dinner,  Performance, Milonga                                  

Masquerade                                                             95 US$  

BBQ Dinner, Performances, Milonga

La Noche de los Maestros                                    120 US$

Red carpet Gala night                            

Dinner, The Master show, Milonga

Farewell Milonga                                                    60 US$

Canapes  and 1 drink , Performance  

Special Festival Packages:

Event PASS               

300 US$  including of all 4 events, dinner /snacks included,

280 US$  until March 31, 290 US$ until April 30,

 Festival Couple PASS

     750 US$  including of all 4 events and up to 7 dance workshops

     700 US$ until March 31, 725 US$ until April 30

Festival Single PASS         

400 US$  including of all 4 events and up to7 dance workshops,         

360 US$ until March 31, 380 US$ until April 30

Workshop PASS 

210 US$  including up to 7 workshops

190 US$  until March 31, 200 US$ until April 30,

Accommodation Packages:

 Casa Artista( fully booked) we recommend our partner Hotel Villa Kresna Boutique Villas and suites , who offer special rate for Festival participants.

 We recommend further these hotels  in walking distance to the venue :

 The Elysian, The Oberoi, Ahimsa, C151,Seminyak Suite,

Hotel Sarinande Inn,

  5 min drive to venue:

Grandmas Hotel, Hotel Agung Village

The Bali Breeze, Seminyak Paradiso Hotel, Hotel Dhyana Pura





Day 1

Wednesday 29

20.00 h Preopening Milonga at Casa Artista 

Day 2

Thursday 30

16.00-17.30 h WS 9 Salon Stage with Tamara & David (Lobby)

17.30-19.00 h Beginner Workshop ( Studio)

17.30-19.00 h WS 12 Mil/Vals Workshop with Analia & Luis  ( Lobby)

20.30 Welcome Dinner and Milonga with  Performances ( Casa Artista )

Day 3

Friday 31

11.00-12.30 h W1a Ladies technic with Milena (Lobby)

12.30-14.00 h W1b Men technic with David ( Lobby)

15.00-16.30 h Beginner Workshop ( Studio)

15.00-16.30 h Ws 6 Fantasia Stage ( Lobby ) with Noelia and Pablo

20.00 Tango Masquerade – Tango Carneval

              Dinner , Performances

          Sector Bar & Restaurant , Sanur , Bali Beach Hotel

          1.000.000 Rupiah for best Costume

 Day 4

Saturday 1st

11.00-12.30 h WS2 Improver with Milena & David ( Casa Artista)

11.00-12.30 h W5 Advanced with Noelia& Pablo (Desa Seni)

13.30-15.00 h W4 Improver with Noelia& Pablo ( Casa Artista)

13.30-15.00 h W3 Advanced with Milena & David ( Desa Seni )

20.00 Gala Night – the Great Gatsby –  Dinner (Art Café)

          La Noche de los Maestros Show and Milonga ( Casa Artista )

Day 5

Sunday 2nd

11.00-12.30 h W7 Improver with Tamara & Federico ( Desa Seni )

11.00-12.30 h W11 Advanced with Analia & Luis (Casa Artista )

13.30-15.00 h W10 Improver Analia & Luis ( Desa Seni )

13.30-15.00 h W8 Advanced Tamara & Federico  ( Casa Artista )

20.30 h Farewell Milonga, Snacks and Performances ( tba )