Bergen Embrace 2017


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When29/06/2017 - 03/07/2017
Where Bergen, Norway

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Tango Abrazo is thrilled to announce the first Bergen encuentro, inspired by the wonderful Embrace Norway (taking a break in 2017). We are different organisers, but will strive hard to make this an equally pleasant and welcoming event.

Bergen is (in-)famous for its rain, but your chances to see the sun at this time of the year are not too bad. And anyone who says sunshine brings happiness, has never danced in the rain! We advise you to take some extra days to explore Bergen, the fjords or other beautiful nature nearby.

Bergen Embrace will take place in Grand Hotel Terminus’ large wooden floor hall, located in the centre of Bergen. Participants may choose to sleep and eat at the hotel, or in a variety of reasonably priced accomodation and culinary options nearby. Norway has reputation for being expensive, but if you stay away from cigarettes, fancy cocktails, fast cars and cocaine, you’ll be fine.

This is a role- balanced event for close-embrace lovers at high and intermediate+ dance levels, where we follow basic milonguero codes: use mirada/cabaceo, clear the floor and change partner during cortinas. You may sit wherever you like, and smiling is encouraged and assumed to happen frequently, without effort.


Thursday June 29th: Jekteviken 5 (Tango Abrazo, open for all)
20-01: SOLVEIG JANSEN, Norway

Friday June 30th, Hall Terminus
14-19: MARKUS HUEHN, Germany
21-02: SOLVEIG HISDAL, Norway

Saturday July 1st, Hall Terminus
13-18: TRUD ANTZÉE, Norway
21-02: ALAN SPOTTI, Italy

Sunday July 2nd, Hall Terminus
14-19: BIRGER HAUGDAL, Norway
21-02: OLGA MAKHNO, Russia/Lithuania

Monday July 3rd, Jekteviken 5 (Tango Abrazo, open for all)

Tuesday July 4th: Jekteviken 5 (Tango Abrazo, open for all)
20-24: GABRIEL BAKKE, Norway