Endorfina Tango Marathon


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When09/08/2013 - 11/08/2013
Where Toulouse, France

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In Toulouse, beautiful city in south western France, will happen Endorfina Tango Marathon’s 2nd edition

9 DJs

Susana Bernal Sanchez, Gonzalo Bongiovanni, Benjamin Solano, Patrick Bourqueney, Marie-Pierre Gabis, Eric Schmitt, Benoit Dalet, Enrique Jimenez, Elisabeth Vannier

Location: Toulouse
Studio Hop, 4bis avenue de Rangueil
(subway station Saint Agne SNCF, B line)
200 m² dancing space + air conditioning system+ a space for drink and restauration + a closed and separate resting place in the upper room + shower available

Pack Marathon 3 days :39 € (non members) 36 € (Caminito members)

Including all marathons milongas and breakfast on Saturday and sunday dawn.

2 days 29 € (non members) 26 € (Caminito members)

1 day 17 € (non members) 14 € (Caminito members)

Shower and a resting room available (within the limits of space available about 20/25 persons maximum)

Note: there’s a limitation of participants on the Marathon. We can accept maximum 150 persons (75 couples). For this reason, your registration may not be automatically accepted! Absolute priority is given to people who register by couples until july 7 th. After july 7th, the persons without partner are registered following the date of reception and the balance of leaders/followers
Shower and a resting room available (within the limits of space available about 20/25 persons maximum)

Toulouse is one of the main french cities located in southwestern France.
There’s a railway station and an airport with regular lines from the main cities of Europe (Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Brussels, Praga, Amsterdam, Londres, Rome…)
If you come by train, you just have to take the subway station located near the railway station, take the A line direction Basso Combo, and change in the next Station called “Jean Jaurès”, then take the B Line, direction “Ramonville Saint Agne” and go down in the station called “Saint Agne SNCF”
If you come by plane, you just have to take a bus called “la Navette” which drive you to the railway station. Then you just have to follow the upper indications.
Basic food available: one meal plate 5€ each night. for instance basmati rice + chicken Indian curry (not too spicy)

Bar prices:
Coffee/tea: 50 cents
Soft drinks:
Mineral water, sparkling water, fruit juices (orange, ananas, apple, grapefruit), Coca cola 1€
Low alcoholic drinks:
Beer: (Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegaarden) or glass of wine 2 €

To get registration form and more informations, (3 languages: english/french/spanish) please go to this link http://www.toutango.com/caminitotango/MARATHON-ENDORFINA-2013-DU-9-au-11-aout_a204.html