La Latina “midsummer night’s dream” Edition


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When11/08/2016 - 16/08/2016
Where Pomezia, Italy

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Finally, we are back !! Mascalzoni are back ! Same ones! At the end of la Latina 2014 we announced that we need a break and that the edition was, for the time being, our last one. For this reason, 2015 tango events season, saw us as happy participants and not as busy and tired organisers !!! Despite the good wills, time is passing and we have problems in staying only in dancing pants…. You also , few times, repetitively, asked for news, pushed us to organise a new event. Finally we decided to organize a new La Latina, in 2016, a reloaded version which, beside some kept key points by previous 3 editions, will contain also some new ideas. What is kept and what is new? Lets introduce today some of them, to be further developed in the near future.

What is kept :

– the event venue, the same one that has hosted us in the past edition, Hotel Selene, in Pomezia.

– the music, with DJ friends having already confirmed their DJ-set. Again, we had to limit the DJ’s to …(dont ask too much now!!!) but we would have liked to have much more : can we organise an event of 15 days ? No way 🙁 !

– the staff, both of our event and in the hotel, both already motivated to make it precious as in past edition.

– the enthusiasm, ours but also yours, we hope, which is the unique reason motivating all our strengths to organize a so challenging, nice but blood consuming event.


What is new :

– the event dates : 11th to 16 of August! Yes, we ask you to spend with us the mid summer ! We shall call it the “mid summer night’s dream” edition

– the event duration, as with different optional days, will last from a (classical) minimum of 3 days (Friday to Monday) to 5 days (Thursday to Tuesday)!

– the quality of staying together, with few more initiatives extra tango all long the event e.g. swimming pool open 6am to 6pm, swing and rock&roll dance lesson, water games (ahehm..who wants to be Gennaro Olivieri and Guido Pancaldi?  we have the candidates…), cooking lessons, …

– the rhythms, with more possibilities to manage a more relaxed time, to improve quality and quantity of our time all together – e.g. music will stop 9pm, for dinner and for a little nap, to restart at 11:30pm, there will be also morning sightseeing trips to visit Rome and surroundings

In few words, we would like to organize an event that goes beyond the “tango marathon”, aiming to look new ways to socialize and spend some good and fun time together during summer time.


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