Strawberry Tango Marathon. Poland 26-29.06.2015


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When26/06/2015 - 29/06/2015
Where ?ód?, Poland

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Strawberry Tango Marathon 26-29 VI 2015  Lodz, POLAND

2015 Strawberry Tango DJs

  • Adrian Lewandowski (PL, Lodz)
  • Facundo Almeyra (Argentina/Switzerland)
  • Hermann Schlösser (Munich, Germany)
  • Karolina Tkaczuk (PL, Lodz) 
  • Mariola Golinczak (PL, Torun)
  • Mik Avramenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • Luis Cono (Malmö, Sweden/Chile)
  • Roberto Rampini  (Milan, Italy)
  • Robert Kandefer (PL, Warszawa)
  • . . .

Food VEGETARIAN and REGULAR,  Strawberies, Soups, Snacks, Drinks etc  – included.
We do not leave our friends hungry nor thirsty.

Location – the very center of the city of Lodz.
– by plane – directly to Lodz:
– or through Warsaw – and then by train or by bus 1,5 hour by highway

THE CITY of LODZ in the 19th century – like Buenos Aires – turned into a powerful industrial metropolis, put together by Jews, Poles, Germans, Russians and many others …

Beautiful in its nostalgia, it is the perfect place for tango.

4-th Strawberry Edition of the “never-ending milonga” set in the postindustrial climate of the very center of  one of Lodz factories
26.06.2015 – 29.06.2015 Lodz. Poland.

the Price: 35 euro
Food included as in previous editions (drinks, snacks, soups, sandwitches…. & strawberries)
The same team and idea as in previous years.
BUT NEW VENUE with nice floor 🙂
The Event


F e e l   i n v i t e d  !   The Registration date 23 II 2015 at 20.00 CET.
More details –

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