TaoTango Retreat


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When02/10/2014 - 05/10/2014
Where Veckenstedt, Germany

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 when time disappears in an unlimited space and deep connectedness

TaoTango Retreat
2-5 October 2014, Veckenstedt (DE)


During the TaoTango retreat we use the ancient Taoist wisdom of natural flow and interchange between yin & yang to open up our senses & sensitivity, vitality & creativity.

As a resultwe see the magic and beauty in and around us and find more ease and harmony in tango and life.


  •      15+ hours workshops to explore the Tao in Tango
  •      bed and food (vegan), starting from € 235,- all inclusive
  •      in the old watermill of Veckenstedt – DE  (2 hrs. from Berlin)
  •     dance level not relevant
  •     language English (but Paul speaks fluent German)
  •     booking as couple order single: www.tangoatelier.nl

Paras Saghi &  Paul Vossen are well known for their ‘beyond tango technique’ approach. They are the organisers of the Taboe Tango Camps and teaching all over Europe since 2004.

More information: www.tangoatelier.nl




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