10 Dancers Free – 10 Dancers in Quarantine

Languages: ENGLISH DEUTSCH ITALIAN (can you help translate? write alex.c.apetrei@gmail.com)

Do you want to join the movement? Like https://www.facebook.com/safesocialdancingglobally on facebook, and join this group!

This “20 people group” strategy of “Safe Social Dancing campaign” is about kindness and solidarity in the face of an uncertain future for Tango dance and culture.

You can join one of many private groups of specially created 20 Argentine Tango dancers.

Why 20?

  • More than 20, and you start to feel excluded and not important.
  • Less than 20 and it is not so fun anymore.


  • No news, no panic. You can get that in many other places, including the resources we provide from top credibility sources.
  • Be kind, be respectful, imagine that everyone is going through a difficult moment.

WHAT You will do when you join:

  1. Say your name, city, country, profession, favorite Tango orchestra, and anything else that you think is nice and funny. If you like, take a photo with your phone and share it with the group.
  2. We encourage you to share jokes, personal stories, and moments of concern that you may feel. This is a call to solidarity, many dancers may find themselves alone, and with no one to talk to that can understand how much they miss Tango.
  3. We invite you to be together in this group for the next days and weeks, share the videos of your life with the group, and explain what you will do with so much toilet paper.

This group of 20 is about kindness and solidarity in the face of an uncertain future. It is one of many parallel actions we are taking to help protect not only Tango, but as many social dances as are willing to listen.

Love yourself, respect each other,
Safe Social Dancing movement